School Board

    School Board Members • 

Matt Caudill

Todd Peterson

Chantall Stops

    District Clerk

Gail Andren

    School Board Meetings

        First Wednesday of the month

        Held at the school

        5:30 PM

The Morin School Board meetings are usually held at 5:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month during the school year. Meetings are held at the school, and the public is invited to attend. Three members of the community make up the board. The board is very proud of Morin School, its staff, and the quality education that the students receive.

The main purpose and objective of the Board of Trustees of School District #17 is to maintain a school which will provide as good an education as possible for the children in grades kindergarten through six.  

Parents are welcome to attend and discuss problems with the School Board at their regular monthly meetings. Board members are of the opinion that matters concerning school business should be presented to the Board in writing prior to the meeting. The clerk should be notified seven days in advance of the meeting for items to be placed on the agenda.